Open today 12-16
Open today 12-16

Textile power - the textile industry: here, there, then and now

As part of the new permanent exhibition about the textile industry, visitors experience an exciting story, extending from the societal transformation of industrialisation to the innovation environments of today. The exhibition is a dramatic staging of the local development of Borås and the Sjuhärad area, reflected in the conditions that mould the mass production of today in foreign countries.

The factory is the heart of the exhibition, and the textile machines show how the process proceeds, from fibre to finished fabric. The pounding noise of the machines and the smell of oil is present throughout the room. People’s work, life and struggle for better conditions – both in the past and today – are central to the narration. Radical industrialisation and technological development provide the conditions for a prospering industry. Consumption and environmental issues are problematised, and visitors are given the opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of these issues. Naturally, an insight is given into what the textile industry can be seen to represent today, with research and development as the central ingredients. Textile Power is an exhibition of the textile industry's significance, its great breadth and multiple sides – here and then, there and now.

We are very happy to announce that Textile Power has been awarded Exhibition of the Year 2016 by Forum för utställare, a national network of people in the trade. The prize was announced in Södertälje at the annual meeting of Sveriges Museer on the 25th of April, 2017.


Exhibition of the Year, 2016.

The exhibition is shown on the ground floor.
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